Not what I expected… Just so you know… Single @ Washing the old off My religion? GAY! A guide to be the perfect tourist in New Zealand! Tena koutou! Kia ora!

What the hell are you doing!?

Jun. 13th | Posted by 2 comments
What can I say? Got so much inside of me, waiting to be released. I’m holding back, it’s kinda scary to get lost in somebody. It takes time to get there, so instead of telling it straight, I’ll blog about it. God, I can’t get over the fact how sexy you are. I can’t stand [...]

Not what I expected…

May. 21st | Posted by 0 comments
Just wow, that’s all I can say right now. Read the post and maybe you’ll understand why my life is awesome right now with the prospect of it getting even more amazing in time. That’s life for you!

Just so you know…

May. 21st | Posted by 0 comments
Just a little something I wrote for a certain people. Sometimes it”s difficult to express your feelings directly to a person, so that’s when the blog comes in handy. Keep in mind; it’s directly written from my feelings, so grammarwise it can be a little bit strange.

Single @ Washing the old off

Feb. 13th | Posted by 0 comments
How can it be that I have never met you before? It’s too cliché to say but; where have you been all my life? It’s weird though, you seem strangely exciting and enticing, even though we have never met in person and all we have are a couple of chats and a bunch of text [...]

My religion? GAY!

Jan. 18th | Posted by 3 comments
Fuck that! Where is the world coming to nowadays? I just came to notice there is a Dutch association called ‘Different’ which offers therapy for homosexuals to overcome their feelings. They call homosexuality a ‘treatable deviation’. Serious, in what world are you living?

A guide to be the perfect tourist in New Zealand!

Nov. 24th | Posted by 0 comments
Always wondered how to behave like a tourist when on holiday? This multi-functional guide teaches you how to be one! Inspired on the tourists visiting New Zealand, created this guide to guide you along the correct path upon becoming the perfect tourist!


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